Bio innovation for Cleaning Solutions

GREEN WORX CS has teamed up with world leading bio-enzyme manufacturers as their cleaning solutions partner in bio-innovation.

Our partnerships leverage our technical and market expertise to bring superior and sustainable cleaning solutions to the cleaning solutions market.

As the world becomes more focused on sustainability, ensuring that the cleaning products we use are safe for people and the environment is becoming increasingly important. This focus on the environmental impact of cleaning means that retailers and manufacturers are under increasing pressure to provide safer, less toxic cleaning solutions while maintaining the efficacy of their products.

Our partners in the supply chain are the leading suppliers of enzymes and beneficial microorganisms that naturally improve the efficiency of cleaning solutions in an increasing number of applications. Our technologies enable cleaning of stains from carpet and hard surfaces and elimination of organics that produce bad odour.

Reduced environmental impact

Add enzymes and beneficial microorganisms found in nature to your readily biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning.

Superior cleaning

Give your customers the superior cleaning performance they need with our cleaning solutions for cleaner homes and institutions powered by enzymes and beneficial microorganisms.

Elevate your brand

Get a competitive edge, improve your differentiation, and make brand claims based on our cleaning solutions.

Please contact us directly to discuss your needs – we can assist you in developing sustainable products to compliment your chemical range of products