Household Care

Household Care – Cleaning Innovation

Consumers are demanding higher performance and eco-efficiency from their cleaning products. MCES through its principles help manufacturers to exceed these expectations with innovative enzymatic and microbial solutions that meet the cleaning needs of today and tomorrow.

Today household care manufacturers face the challenge of supplying products that provide better cleaning results with less effort, time, and environmental impact. Through bio innovation, MCES offers customer’s unique possibilities for creating high-value products that put considerably less strain on the environment. By replacing oil-based ingredients and other non-renewables, consumers are given high-performance cleaning options that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and aid water conservation efforts.

Technical expertise and in-depth consumer insight

By combining technical expertise with in-depth consumer insight, MCES offers manufacturers a range of innovative solutions to help satisfy the need for higher quality, better value, and more eco-efficient products in laundry, dishwashing, general household care, and institutional cleaning.

Driving sustainable choices

By providing our customers with attractive alternatives to traditional ingredients, we enable them to steer the market toward greener, high-performance household care solutions.